Curzon’s Got Talent

It’s been a tough year for all of us and no less for the children. We’d usually be busy planning the festive lunch, Christmas disco and other fun festivities. Sadly, these aren’t going ahead this year but we really don’t want the children to miss out. So, all the children will be invited to attend the premier of Curzon’s got Talent (and more!) This will be a fun filled, festive afternoon on 10 December 2020 run by teaching staff in their bubbles.

Tickets are being sold to this event for £5 per child plus £2 to enter the Curzon’s got Talent competition. The £5 ticket will cover a bottled drink, a (packaged bought) snack, fun activities, a ‘classroom mini disco’, Christmas mufti (if they wish) and games. You will all need to purchase the party ticket but the talent entry is optional (it’s been hugely popular so far). There will also be a small goodie bag for each child to take home. Tickets will be capped at £15 per family (so if you have 3 or 4 children that want to enter the most you’ll pay is £15.)

Video submissions sent to (max 30 seconds each)